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All applications are subject to approval by The Columbus Consolidated Government.
Please complete and by Jan 15, 2014:
Columbus Civic Center
Attention: Art Thomason
400 Fourth Street
Columbus, GA 31901
Phone: 706-653-4482
Fax: 706-653-4481

Who: The Mayor’s Commission on Unity, Diversity and Prosperity’s “The Dream Lives” Martin Luther King, Jr. Event. The mission of the Commission on Unity, Diversity and Prosperity is to create a community where every person is valued and presented with equal access to opportunities
What: The Commission will host an event demonstrating through local and national speakers, talent and presentations that The Dream Lives in Columbus, Georgia. The goal is to renew the spirit of the MLK legacy to meet the challenges of today. This event will allow us to broaden the commitment to Dr. King’s dream, and to the Commission’s mission, by drawing in citizens of all ages, races and walks of life. This event will unify the community and provide opportunities to appropriately honor a man who gave his life in the quest for equality and prosperity for all.
When: Saturday, January 18th, 12:00 noon
Where: Government Center Outdoor Plaza.
"The Dream Lives" Martin Luther King, Jr. Event
Entry Deadline: Tuesday, January 14, 2014, 5:00 p.m.
• Food & Non-alchoholic Beverages Served • Children's Activities • Educational Contests • Special Performances • Entertainment

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